Who We Are

About Us

If you’re anything like us, you love your car but would rather not take time out of your busy life or work schedule to give it the service it deserves. The typical vehicle care and maintenance experience is inconvenient, time consuming and surprisingly stressful. It too often involves untimely hours, long waits, confusing pricing, unclear processes and poor customer service.

Carvoodoo provides an alternative: a convenient, transparent and friendly vehicle concierge service that takes the hassle of car care and maintenance off your hands. We are based in Washington, DC and currently serve the greater DC metro area.

The Team

The Carvoodoo Team

We’re three friends that share a passion for cars. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, we all went our separate ways. Although working in different industries and living in different cities, we each ran into the same problem: it was nearly impossible to take care of our cars while working long hours with limited personal time. In the Fall of 2017, we launched Carvoodoo in Washington, DC to solve this problem and make car ownership a little bit easier.